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ZombieQuest is a new roleplaying forum created by WolfQuest forum members Sintact, Fawn, Sheeba and Randoven. Users can take the form of an anthro wolf or other specie character and join together in the fight against the zombie apocalypse.

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    Tips for a good Role-play Post.


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    Tips for a good Role-play Post. Empty Tips for a good Role-play Post.

    Post by Sintact on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:31 pm

    (Guide created by Ivory_ at WolfQuest)

    Key Points
      • Details
      • Descriptions
      • Quality
      • Time

    - Details -----------------
    When writing use lots of details, instead of just saying "the wind blew through the wolf fur" you could add details and say "A cold wind blew through the wolf's thing grey fur". As anxious as you may be to post, remember, we want to make it fun and interesting too!

    - Descriptions -----------------
    Describe what you are writing about, your character’s actions, expression, looks, as well as environment your character is in. Paint a picture for the reader. Instead of "the wolf stopped at the lake to drink" you could say "Panting, the tired wolf stopped at the lake to take a drink, the water was cold and clear, As she lapped the water from its surface ripples formed on the waters surface tickling her nose"

    If you are the first poster of a particular role play scene, remember set the scene so others can follow. Describe the weather, the time of day and what your wolf is seeing, be creative!

    - Quality -----------------

    Remember! Quality not quantity, it isn’t about creating the worlds longest post, you want to paint a scene and be descriptive for the reader, but don’t go over board with it, you don’t need to repeat your self 3 times over. If you get across your point, and give some detail about the goings on, Great! Post it!

    - Time -----------------

    I am sure we do not all type at the same speed, and some of you worry about having everyone posting 3 times to your one, Well if you are worried about this a role-playing with a bunch of people, ask to create a posting order, that way no one gets left behind or ignored! Example Wolf 1 posted followed by Wolves 2, 3 and 4. Keep that same order 1,2,3,4. 1 only posts after 4, 2 after 1, 3 after 2 and so on. Or if you are having a one on one role pay in the middle of a group, you can move your role play to a different area, I am sure the other participant(s) will not mind!

    Role Playing is about having fun, we don’t want anyone getting stressed out and left behind in the RP sessions, it isn’t about who can post the most or who can post the fastest, Its important that everyone who wants to be included is!

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