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    Roles and Ranks within ZombieQuest


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    Roles and Ranks within ZombieQuest

    Post by Sintact on Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:21 pm

    The main objective of having ranks here at ZombieQuest is that you follow them at the role-play (if you are interested in role-playing). Here you will find our different ranks and what you are supposed to do at the role-play. Every rank has it’s own special item; this is, they will start the role-play with an extra item.

    Scouts: their duty in the group is patrolling the territory for threats; this work must be constant, because without them the group is in great danger. It is one of the most important positions within what is utility work.
    Special item; binoculars and a rifle.

    Healers: these are the doctors of the group; they have great knowledge on wound management and disease healing. They know everything about herbs that can be used in medicine and also know how to use them correctly. Healers must go with scouts in search of herbs constantly, and do research and study about their profession.
    Special item; a bag of medicine and a dagger.

    Guardians: guardian characters must protect the group at all cost. These are characters that know how to handle a weapon correctly, and are usually over-protecting and confident. Guardians must follow Scout’s routes if there is a threat to the group.
    Special item; a very sharp katana.

    Gatherers: they provide food and supplies for the group. Gatherers are great hunters, and know exactly how to read the prey’s trails. They are also good collectors and farmers. They tend to be very respected around the community, and must be protected at all costs.
    Special item; hunting bow (not useful for killing non-living).

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