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    Post by Koa on Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:59 pm



    Marco Polo, 1324

    A NATIVE OF WOLFQUEST CITY, she had spent her childhood its sprawling, warm suburbs and her working days in the drama-filled, crime-tainted realm of the city, to which she does not regret, but remembers with both a sense of pride and underlying bitterness.


    A SUMMER DAY FOR THE SCHOOLED. A Sunday, where all was peaceful -- where all either attended a church, or stayed home, enjoying their last break before heading off to work the following day.

    The adolescent was playing with a group of friends within the safety of the playground. Perhaps "playing" is misleading, for she was around twelve at the time and was too old for childish games in her eyes. Merely, she was watching over the younger children while their parents were away. They approached her often, harassing and tugging at her shirt like so, all vying for her attention. She nodded at them gently, praising them as they climbed over the monkey bars, proudly displaying their amount of strength to someone who was much older.

    Then, sirens. Blue and red flashing lights all drew their immediate attention, subduing both adolescent and children. She was the first to clutch the chain-link fence, as her hands clasped the rusted metal. The others followed in turn, all mesmerized by the spectacle.

    A building was blocking their view of the entire scene that was unfolding. The stern voices of the police force of the city could be heard, and police cars screeched to a halt, then unloaded their officers, guns drawn.

    "Hands up!" they called.

    Her head turned, straining to catch a glimpse of what was occurring. A suited animal in black, armed with a multitude of weapons of war and ilk. His face was fully masked and covered, but by scent, Koa could tell it was a wolf or some form of canid, like most citizens of the city. Their war-like quarry.

    She shivered, before remembering to her horror, The children!

    "Stay close to me. All of you. But do not touch the fence," she directed them, ushering their small bodies behind her.

    "But Koa, we want to see. We can't see! Let us!" the retriever mix begged, tugging once more at her shirt in protest.
    "Yeah, I want to see!" another wailed.

    "This is not for your eyes to see!" she firmly told them, holding her stance. They might see crime eventually, but today was not the day for their innocence to be lost. The youthful creatures obeyed in in silence, pouting behind her.

    "Down on the ground! Now!" an officer bayed, pointing his gun directly at the fugitive, who in turn pointed his assault rifle directly at the officer. In perfect unison, all of the officers yielded their guns in the same manner.

    The first officer courageously answered the criminal's actions, responding with poise and serenity to which Koa could not comprehend.

    "We have you surrounded, Timothy Stunt. It would be wise to surrender your arms, or we will have to do this the hard way, I'm afraid. You wouldn't want that, would you? You wanted to dance with the police department and toy with us, and now -- "

    "ENOUGH!" he barked, seizing something from his back pocket, "I've had ENOUGH of ALL of you! I was exiled from this city once, and decided to return for revenge. You may have had your way the first time, but I promise you, today will not end in the way that you pictured it to."

    A lump caught in her throat in dread. Her eyes could not see what he had chosen as his weapon of choice, but she knew what it was.

    Clatter. Something fell to the ground, teetering ever so slightly on the asphalt road.

    "UP! UP! OUT OF THE WAY - "

    The explosion was merciless; her blue eyes were frozen with fear, casted in an unmoving position on all of the spots where the officers were supposed to be once the cloud of smoke cleared. Tears began to well up in her eyes.


    Moving. Something was moving. Things at once were moving. Footsteps battled the asphalt, regaining the confidence they had lost.

    "STOP HIM!"

    Shots were fired, and one officer fell to the ground, to join... she began counting. Two of his other comrades felled by the explosion. Another was hit by the fire. She wasn't sure how many were present to begin with, or how many were still left standing.

    A blur of black. He was still at the scene!

    Those who were left chasing him fell, but were not void of life, and instead merely disabled by his fire the existing cloud of smoke that plagued their lungs. He reached out in his back pocket to finish them off.

    "STOP!" she screamed.
    She had only then realize the magnitude of the words she uttered. Commanding a criminal to stop. To leave life alone. Yet behind her, young life was still present. No, what have I just done.

    He turned, facing her. His set of black-casted armor, iron and steel, or a combination of both -- her eyes failed to identify the specifics. His proud stance, his weapons, his mannerisms -- these all brought time to a halt as she gazed upon him, as if she was entering his soul, changing his mind.

    The only thing that stood as a barrier between the two was distance. But he could easily overcome that.

    "Heh," he sneered. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And then he ran away.

    The officers were still felled, lying in pool of crimson. More sirens could be heard in the distance. Ambulances. Reinforcements. All of it would be arriving, right in front of her. She wanted nothing more than to stop him. To end his life, but her thoughts stopped there. I cannot be so morbid nor vengeful. But it is a shame I was not able to stop him completely.

    She began crying, before turning to the bewildered children, hugging them en masse as they huddled up to her for protection. They did not utter a single word nor peep, and either joined with her in chorus to her weeping, or gathered in silence.


    A YEAR LATER, IN A HAPPY MARCH, shy of two days to completing the first week of the month, she stood outside the city's police headquarters.

    Nervously, she adjusted her floral-print dress, complete with an over-sized hat to keep the sun away from the face, which is something one would normally see at the local downtown horse raceway.

    Her hands reached to open the door, holding tightly to a white letter sealed with a red stamp, before someone reached out to touch hers. A young employee of the police department had stopped her, and was now looking directly her in the eyes. He was a mere stranger yet no officer either, but he knew very well of the dangers of being an officer just like many citizens of the city knew. "If that is what I think it is, you are a brave young woman," he stated simply, before grabbing the handle of the door and opening it wide for her.

    She flashed him a warm smile.
    "Thank you."

    The wolf continued inside, her heels clicking daintily on the stone flooring as she walked. Arriving at the exquisite marble desk, which proudly bore, "WOLFQUEST INNER CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT HEADQUARTERS FRONT DESK" she started at the officer respectfully, handing him her precious paper cargo.

    "What?" he breathed. "You look awfully young to be accepted into the force. We expect that you are of the age fifteen or older," he commented, studying her up and down, pausing on her dress for a second, before averting his eyes and looking back into hers.

    "I was recommended at an early age, I then applied, and was hand-picked by the mayor herself," she bragged with a huge, flauntish grin, her face beaming with a sense of dignity. She smugly pointed to the red seal that was borne on the letter. "Proof," she assured him.

    Before he could get his words out, one of the mayor's senior and most experienced officers stepped out and grabbed the letter. She was much older than the minimum age of fifteen, bearing a scar on her arm amidst the earthy, tan fur the covered her body. Her yellow-olive eyes scornfully looked upon the two in some disgust, and she snatched the letter from the younger officer's hand.

    The unfamiliar officer cleared her throat,
    "She was chosen, yes, though clearly she is below the minimum age. That was not my doing -- that was the mayor's," she grimaced, staring at Koa directly and studying her outfit. "Afraid to get dirty, huh? No one asked you to dress up like that. You won't be wearing that kind of stuff 'round here. How old are you, anyway? You indeed have a lot to prove -- "

    "Enough, Kiku."

    A voice came out of nowhere, and all three turned their heads.

    "She was one of the five chosen, and the youngest. Young, but deserving. Her work around the city has proved that. You needn't scold her," the middle-age animal mentioned.

    She was the mayor -- a kind creature to whom Koa greatly confided and trusted in, but also admired. A basic wolf, her pelage was soft and well-blended, consisting of a sienna agouti with gray in-between as a dominant coloration, finished with an underlying crème to accent her coat. Soft, yellow eyes comforted
    the young Koa, and she returned the look gratefully.

    "Thank you, Mayor Calla."


    IT WAS A BITTER, FROSTY NIGHT. Over past two years, she had become one of the most respected officers, though she had made mistakes as well during that era. Peace in the city depths was hard to come by, and she either found herself stopping crime or frequently caught up in department drama.

    As new recruits poured in, worked, and moved on, she stayed behind with a trusted few and stuck with them, never once thinking about taking the anew under her wing. She had done that twice, and would never do so again. Thus, she spent her days in the library between working, away from the temptation of the regular city life during applicant rounds. Often, the work of great explorers quipped her interest, and she would read about their findings.

    But alas, she proved herself wrong. A few weeks prior, she had taken one potential as an apprentice, eying her closely. In fact, she was even more amongst the regulars and commonfolk than ever, and greatly enjoyed their company, for it made her at ease.

    Perhaps the term "apprentice" was an overwhelming term. Merely, she believed the individual to be something of interest to the department. The department was looking for new recruits, and a round of them were pouring in. She was confident that such a prosperous and seemingly well-rounded individual, though with a troubled past, would get chosen to join the ranks regardless.

    And she was indeed chosen, along with others whom were candidates during that time.

    An apprentice usually follows the advice of its senior. But on this frosty night, Koa was doing the opposite. She was taking the advice of her apprentice, and she remembered the conversation they had...


    IT WAS A REGULAR DAY AT THE LIBRARY -- calm, serene, and downright silent. The white wolf was quietly shifting the pages of one of the "prohibited books." "Prohibited books" were only for use by city officials, such as the police force, historians, librarians, or the mayor herself, due to the knowledge that they bore. Often, they were either directly from the city museum or from the non-virtual archives, and dwelled upon topics such as city information, criminal information, and artifact information. Mainly, all said topics were available to the public, but the "prohibited books" went more in depth and provided details that the public could not know about.

    She had a keen interest in artifacts specifically, and was reading about a legendary dagger housed in the city's museum. The edict, printed in ancient Questian script, read,


    The wolf closed the book and pondered in deep thought. It must be referencing the museum. Perhaps I could ask the custodian to let me see it. I mean, if they let us read these books, they must trust us enough to see such things, right? Or even use them?

    "What are you reading, friend?"
    A voice stopped her in her tracks. The book was already closed, so she needn't act startled. It was merely her old apprentice, Carla, who had been accepted in the force.

    "Reading the prohibited books. Which, you shouldn't be doing or interested in until you have been in the force for over five months," she scorned, greeting her friend with harsh words, but they meant well.

    A smile formed over Carla's face, and she leaned over to whisper in Koa's ear.

    "I already have."

    "You WHAT?" Koa whispered in ire back, her jaw agape, before she firmly held her book, as if she was protecting it.

    "I already know what you're reading. Good book, isn't it? And if you're interested, I know how you can get it," Carla answered, showing no shame.

    Such a bold statement stopped Koa in her tracks.
    The wolf thought of the many disagreements she had with both the mayor and other officers. Some things were simply unnecessary, and although she too enforced certain rules, she did not entirely believe them. Perhaps the dagger was the answer to dispelling such. Not through violence, but through the simple action of retrieving the dagger.

    "Fine. Tell me what I need to know..."


    SHE SNAPPED OUT OF IT, FOCUSING ON THE MUSEUM LIGHTS THAT BROKE THE NIGHTIME SKY. She was dressed in black, her face covered thoroughly in both black paint and a black mask. There was little foiling this plan.

    Her inquiry regarding the dagger had been rejected by the custodian, so in the end she did go along with Carla's plan -- steal the dagger. Carla had kindly set up everything for her, and gave her the go ahead to move in. What a great apprentice, she thought.

    Things back at the department were getting rough, and Mayor Calla was losing her wits, it seemed. If there was anytime for the unveiling and release of the dagger, it was now. To save the city.

    A figure stood by the entrance. It was Carla, just as planned, decked out in officer uniform.

    "Evening, Carla. Let's get this on the road, shall we?"

    "Indeed. Conceal yourself," she ushered, before buzzing on the door.

    Koa moved effortlessly, rolling into the hedge, veiled by the foliage.

    A custodian answered the door.
    "Yes? What do you need, Officer Carla? It is quite late."

    "Ah yes, Mr. Barney. I have a quick inquiry, do you mind letting me in?"

    "Not at all, Officer. Come in. Though, my back is hurting as I'm sure you've heard me complain about before, heh. Please, do you mind shutting the door for me?" the custodian pleaded, before turning his back to usher Carla to follow him.

    As the two disappeared and were out of sight, a blur of black did indeed step in the museum. Though security cameras were present, Carla would already be taking care of those with her little "inquiry."

    She made her way throughout the museum. As time passed, the marble flooring was becoming a nuisance to her feet, but nevertheless she continued onwards. The wolf estimated that the dagger would be in the very back of the museum, where most of the important artifacts were hidden or locked away to be preserved infinitely.

    Her walk was roughly thirty minutes or so, before she stumbled upon the entrance.


    It seems it won't be that way anymore.
    The wolf tapped in the key code, precariously opening the door. All clear.

    Then, her eyes fell upon the phurba, solitary in its cage of glass, as if yearning to be freed. She picked up her feigned pair of keys, which were as sharp as the finest blades in the department weaponry.

    One. Two. Three.

    She motioned her hand to cut a circle within the glass, as it parted away and landed squarely in her lap. Then, her free hand directed itself within the class as stale air came out into the atmosphere, freed after being trapped for so long. The dagger was hers.

    She held it proudly, gripping it with a certain pride and knowledge that it was indeed the solution to all of the department's problems.


    She froze, unmoving in certain fear.
    It was a stern but feminine voice.

    The black figure whipped around to face her accoster.
    A gun was pointed straight at her face, held steady by its owner.


    More footsteps could be heard making the corner, and then an out-of-breath Barney peered beside her, lengthening Carla's form.

    I was set up. I should have known.

    Shakily, she lifted her hands up in the air, but with the dagger still clenched between her weary fingers. She did not speak.

    "I told you something was moving on those security cameras. Halt, you are under the presence of a WolfQuest Police Department Officer. Put down your arms,"

    Koa did not budge.

    "I said, PUT DOWN YOUR ARMS!"

    No movements.

    "Fine then, let's see who you really are, hm?"

    What? Is she out of her mind? I do not understand... what have I ever done to her? Then again, I should have seen this coming. The department has been crazy lately, yet the citizens, too quiet. I wonder if they've been conspiring against me so that I am upsurped. It would make sense, for not everyone was happy with who was chosen last as an officer.

    Carla approached the obscured individual, still pointing the gun to her face, before quickly drifting the gun down to her leg and shooting at it so that she could not move or escape.

    "Agh," Koa whispered, consumed with pain, surprised that Carla had taken such measures. Maybe this was apart of the act? But I don't remember her telling me such things...

    Sirens were present amongst the city, and she knew the other officers, and likely the mayor, would be coming for her. As she thought of what might happen, Carla was already over her, removing both her mask and gear.

    "A black face, but unmistakable crème and henna markings all the same. Officer Koa, indeed. Isn't that right, Mayor Calla? Look what we have here,"

    Her accoster briefly let go of Koa, shoving her to the ground as she parted so that Koa's eyes could fall on the mayor, who had now arrived to the scene. Marble greeted the white wolf in its entirety, engulfing her body with cold and a sense of profound dread.

    "WHAT IS THIS!" the mayor snarled, eying Koa with pure hatred. "What exactly do you think you are doing? Not only have you just broken into the museum, but you've given the entire department a terrible name. I understand you have an interest in artifacts and history, but this is simply unacceptable."

    "I can explain -- "

    "No, Koa. You know very well. In fact, you should know better than anyone that such acts are frowned upon. You'll be lucky if you even get to stay within the department," the young officer stated, complete with a wry grin stretching across the length of her muzzle, deceitfully playing innocent. She looked at the mayor for confirmation.

    The mayor nodded her head.
    "Yes... we will have to do something about this, indeed. Any suitable punishments do you reckon for yourself, miss?"

    Koa opened to object.
    "Listen, I retrieved this dagger to prove to you that the department needs some help. If anything, SHE did more damage than I did -- not only did she set this entire thing up, she set ME up and made this situation much worse than it would have been. I had no intention of harming or removing anyone from power and SHE did. Isn't that enough proof for you? Look at the department, it's already in shambles because of what you have chosen to believe!" Her words were finished, and she sighed in pain, her hand gently moving over her leg to cover the blood that ebbed so effortlessly from the wound. The wolf got up to change her position so that her body was more at ease, but Carla only pointed the handgun in return, and Koa snarled and stopped where she was.

    "I know the edict of the dagger very well, and I do not follow myths nor lies. You should know that very well, and what I have chosen to believe is the truth. The dagger does not remove sins like the edict says, but creates them through actions. Carla has done nothing wrong. I do not believe what you have stated. The blood that flows in this room is yours and yours only. The fingerprints, yours. There is no coincidence nor crime here that belongs to Carla. It only belongs to you.

    Because you are an officer and I must respect you still, I can have a chat with Carla. But you know how I feel about this. You've had multiple warnings before for your unfair investigation of the department itself --

    "ENOUGH, CALLA. I'VE HAD ENOUGH," the white wolf snarled, her tarish lips fixed in a defensive stance, " The dagger removes sins when its beholder is believed. It creates sins when its beholder is not believed. If you're not willing to accept my intentions, which seems to be the case, then I quit. There is my punishment. Have fun building up the department again. I know I will not be the only one leaving."

    "Going somewhere?" Carla, sneered, with the gun still pointed.

    "It is a shame, Koa, to see that it had to end this way. But very well. If you believe some ancient dagger can magically solve problems, be my guest. Keep it, and see where it gets you. Under my leadership, the department will continue to thrive, regardless of your words. Let her go, Carla."

    Her hand touched the glass, as the metal careened with the side of the transparent substance, scratching it. There was little alternative to otherwise reach a stance to where she could walk again, so she used the glass as a balancing tool.

    "The department is in terrible shape, contrary to what you think, Calla."

    "And where did you get your information, my ever-observant Koa?"

    "Your actions. And theirs," she pointed to Carla.

    "Why did you fail to tell me your concerns?"

    "Don't act stupid, Calla. We've talked about this before. And there's more to it than what I've told you."

    "But why?"

    "I did not tell half of what I saw, ...for I knew I would not be believed."
    Marco Polo, 1324


    A young Eurasian wolf, Koa was chosen at the age of thirteen to be inducted into the WolfQuest City Police Department. At fifteen, she resigned from the Department. Currently, a year has passed and the city has fallen, so she is now sixteen.

    She is a lanky individual, but graceful. Her height is somewhat average, being 5ft.5", and her weight is appropriate for her stature, with being only 105 lbs. in her anthro form. Blue eyes are both present in her anthro and beast form, though her markings are less prominent in her anthro form. She bears a stark, snowy coat predominantly for both forms.

    Koa is quick-witted, clever, and often slick with her words. She yearns to reap knowledge, and never succeeds in satisfying her need for such. Particularly fascinated with exploration and ancient artifacts, she has a knack for analyzing objects, their dates, make, and so forth, as well as understanding the terrain around her. Her experience as an officer allows her to read people very well, and inside she often possesses a need to help others in some way, shape, or form.

    Being a natural adventurer, she is fairly agile, although strangely her stamina does not correlate with her need for adventure, and thus is often lacking.A swift runner, she can be the first to dodge and avoid obstacles, hindrances, and assaulters alike.

    Sometimes she is too trusting, and occasionally will find herself in a bind due to such a good-natured impression of people.


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    Post by Sintact on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:56 pm

    Incredible history and descriptions, Koa, you made a good job writing all of this. Actually, you should keep writing, or write more about what happened between times.

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    Post by Koa on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:07 pm

    I know -- I've been thinking about continuing it in the literature board. It's almost 4,000 words here, so I don't want to add anymore onto it in this thread. Thank you! =D

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    Post by Ganrak on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:34 pm

    Ahhh please continue this. I beg of you. <3333 Very nicely done, Koa. Your writing talent never ceases to amaze!

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    Post by Koa on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:10 pm

    Ganrak wrote:Ahhh please continue this. I beg of you. <3333 Very nicely done, Koa. Your writing talent never ceases to amaze!

    Thank you Gan, haha. I will. ^^

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    Post by Fawn on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:52 pm

    Koa, you should definitely continue this. It is awesome!

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    I am the Lion King.

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    Post by Koa on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:20 pm

    Fawn wrote:Koa, you should definitely continue this. It is awesome!
    Thank you, Fawn! =D I'm glad you like it. When I continue it, it will probably be much longer than this, haha.

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    Post by Sintact on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:39 pm

    Everyone is asking for it, Koa, you should get started hahaha.

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    Post by Sheeba on Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:04 pm

    Whoo, finally finished reading your entire biography! I loved it, lots of description and it was very interesting. I agree with the others, you should definitely continue! The reference is amazing as well, great job with everything =D

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