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    Post by Adalwulf on Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:16 pm

    ◦◌○●ADALWULF●○◌◦[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    Drawing courtesy of Chelly.

    Character's Name: Adalwulf
    Age: 17
    Gender: what/male or nongender pronouns
    Species: King Cheetah
    Form: Anthro
    Role in the Group: Gatherer
    Physical Description: In their free time they’re more likely to wear “cute” types of clothing, normally skirts and sweaters with pastel themes and ribbons or fancy tailcoat-style suits and top hats.
    Functionally, they wear dark colored clothing with layers, grey slacks and a brown jacket with a patterned sweater underneath, occasionally with an extra coat on top of it all. (whispers they’re a Winchester) He's also almost always seen with his goggles.

    Personality: Open, friendly, inclusive and highly (even unrealistically) optimistic. In common with most young people, they are a risk taker and believe themself to be indestructible.
    Adalwulf's irrepressible optimism leads to some mixed relationships with the other team members, who cannot figure out if Adalwulf is genuinely oblivious to the danger they face or if they have a highly resilient, tough-minded personality and choose to mask or defend it behind a light-hearted surface persona.
    Adalwulf is looking for new things to occupy their time, and finding plenty. It turns out the zombie apocalypse is one big dare, and there’s no shortage of crazy stuff they can try to impress their new buddies.

    Weakness: Physically, Adalwulf is pretty scrawny and not much of a fighter. To be blunt, they can be snapped like a twig. If given a sword or a gun, they’d likely hand it to someone else, depending on the circumstances. If injured, Adalwulf is basically a sitting duck.
    Strengths: Despite physical setbacks, Adalwulf is skilled with their hands, relying on fancy contraptions resurrected from scraps of metal. If given thread, a needle, and some fabric, they can make anything from a stuffed animal to a jacket.

    Likes: People in general, pastel colors, fancy clothes, sweet foods
    Will dress up or sew in their spare time.

    Dislikes: Negativity in large amounts, melee battles involving themself, long trips without food
    prefers metal to wood

    After middle school, they dropped out to take care of their aging parents, money earned from working as an apprentice at the scrapyard with Ganrak. They quickly learned to make traps and little toys, leaving them with extra time to work on sewn projects for themselves and others. Some of the clothes they still have post-apocalypse were sewn by hand.

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    Formatted by: Ganrak

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    Post by Dyta on Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:30 pm

    Very nice, looking forward to interacting with this one! I feel our characters are going to be at odds, but that's what makes it fun! And cf course, lovely art by Chelly.
    *Is excite*

    Icon courtesy of Ganrak. <3
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    Post by Ganrak on Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:36 pm

    Well balance of weaknesses and strengths, generally making his weaknesses into creative ways to make him find new ways to survive and become a wonderful character! I can't wait to see this character play out, truly a nice job, Ron. Trying for something different, and coming up with this cutie.

    And nice job, Chelly, of course!

    Can't wait to boss you around in my scrapyard.

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    Post by Sintact on Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:02 am

    Great job, Adalwulf; definitely looking forward to read your character at the role-play. Nice reference too and interesting characteristics/personality/qualities.

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