Welcome to ZombieQuest, the best place for people that like zombies and role-play. Even though we accept -in some parts of our forum- guests, they are not allowed to role-play with us or join the Community group in any way. It you would like to join the site, please check the Joining ZombieQuest section and post your application and wait to be accepted before creating an account.

ZombieQuest is a new roleplaying forum created by WolfQuest forum members Sintact, Fawn, Sheeba and Randoven. Users can take the form of an anthro wolf or other specie character and join together in the fight against the zombie apocalypse.

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    General Rules of Conduct


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    General Rules of Conduct

    Post by Sintact on Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:51 pm

    Even though we accept all kind of users to the website, we still have rules you must follow in order to stay as a member in this project. If you break one of the rules that will be posted below, you will risk your membership, but first you will receive a warning.

    1. Respect all members of the website. This is; don’t treat them rudely or disrespectfully.
    2. Sexual content is not allowed (not publicly).
    3. SPAM is not accepted, unless talking about the OTT or Forum Games.
    4. Religion and politics may be discussed, but only if you accept other ideologies; you will be kicked out if you disrespect someone’s point of view.
    5. Do not post pictures of yourself in the site, unless you cover your face; lets avoid blackmail.
    6. Do not post your complete name here, if you want to reveal your real identity to other members, do so via Private Message. Guests are allowed to stroll around the forums and look at the topics; they are public.
    7. Fights are not tolerated; if you have a drama going on with other member, solve it privately. If you are causing drama or fights in the site, and if you don’t stop at the first warning; you will be banned and kicked immediately.
    8. All members are welcome to join the site (WQ members and Non WQ members), but remember to[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    9. Stay active in the site, and if you have a WQ account, please remember to post in the WQ thread at least once every three days.
    10. If you can't stay active as you would like, make us know [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] about it. If we don't know about you in more than three weeks, you will lose your rank and stay as a Community Friend.

    Have basic Internetiquette!!

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